26 Congressional Victories
DMSC has helped win 26 of 30 Congressional races for the House of Representatives. As a former Congressional Chief of Staff and NRCC Regional Political Director, Doug McAuliffe and our DMSC team uniquely understand the challenges of translating policy actions into campaign messaging to win competitive elections even in Democrat wave years.
Congressional Races
Rep. Adrian Smith
Rep. Sam Graves
Rep. Robert Pittenger
Rep. John Thune
Rep. JD Hayworth
Rep. Tom Tancredo
Rep. Virgil Goode
Rep. Morgan Smith
Rep. Rich Crawford
Rep. Bob Gibbs
Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle
Rep. Bill Schuette
McAuliffe’s ads create a sense of controversy, raising questions about his target’s character and judgment
Campaigns & Elections
Ouch, damm effective advertising
Washington Post
Smart campaign ads
Dr. Larry Sabato, UVA
A top Republican media strategist with a winning track record
CBS Radio
One of the nation's most prestigious political media firms
Arizona Republic
Jaw dropping ads
Washington Post
One of the GOP's best media minds
Campaigns & Elections
Ads that are both bare-knuckled and triumphal
Kansas City Star
The most heavy-handed political ads we've seen
Polished and folksy production values
Kansas City Star
A heavyweight media firm with a rich resume in national politics
Rocky Mountain News
McAuliffe's ads deliver a hard message without looking mean and negative
Campaigns & Elections
One of the year’s best political commercials
Time Magazine
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