Doug McAuliffe

Doug McAuliffe is a political and media strategist, a director and editor. His media work is known for finding the pinpoint intersection between the strategic and creative.

Doug’s consistent record defines DMSC’s passion for winning: 78 statewide and Congressional victories, 32 U.S. Senate, 15 Governor, 22 Congressional, a Presidential nomination and re-election and 19 down-ticket wins.

The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza called Doug one of the top political consultants who matter, and CBS noted he’s A Republican ad maven and A top Republican media strategist with a winning track record.

Under Doug’s leadership DMSC’s focus is crafting smart, well thought out strategies and winning messages and executing those strategies and messages with creative advertising.

Under Doug’s direction DMSC has remained a small creative team of political and production professionals whose mission is providing winning strategies, provocative advertising and personal attention to clients amid the ubiquitous multi-partner consulting firms that often offer sporadic attention and high prices.

Our clients get Doug McAuliffe’s complete attention to their strategic, communications and creative needs and a seasoned production team dedicated to their singular goal, winning.

Doug’s successful record in environments that favor Democrats is proven. In competitive cycles, or in wave years, DMSC has an unmatched record of winning competitive races, that’s not spin it’s our record.

Doug’s work is described as Jaw dropping, Damn effective, and The perfect political ad, (Washington Post), Creative and effective ads, Gang buster advertising, (Lincoln Star-Journal), Striking political television, (AP), Ads that are both bare-knuckle and triumphal, (Kansas City Star), Clever political ads (Richmond Times Dispatch) and Smart political ads (Dr. Larry Sabato UVA).

Campaign & Elections Magazine named Doug a Rising Star in national politics. His commercial and film work has received twenty-six creative awards.

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Chatham Light Media’s creative production and post-production work ranges from advertising for political candidates, to corporations, recording artists and foreign countries.

CLM and DMSC’s collaborative and creative efforts have produced hundreds of effective and provocative political ads and films for broadcast and digital platforms. CLM’s reputation is producing high value quality advertising at competitive prices.

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