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32 U.S. Senate Victories
Doug McAuliffe has helped elect 32 U.S. Senators in 36 races. Working for our clients, or as the media strategist for a Super PAC, or Independent Expenditure, DMSC’s media campaigns have played a dominant role in achieving one of the best records in U.S. Senate races on the Republican side.
The Washington pundits had written Richard Burr off in his 2016 re-election campaign. Yet, Burr arguably won the toughest Senate re-election in the country and received...More
Except for Deb Fischer’s upset victory the GOP was shut out in competitive U.S. Senate races in 2012. Fischer a State Senator climbed from an asterisk in the polls to a five-point primary victory despite national Republicans support for her opponent...More
DMSC was the media strategist for Amercian Crossroads’ $15M+ media campaign in support of Thom Tillis making it the major player in the media wars to elect Tillis. It was DMSC’s fifth U.S. Senate victory in North Carolina...More
David Perdue won a tough five-way primary against four professional politicians. Our media for the Perdue Super Pac proved decisive in his primary and run-off victories...More
U.S. Senate Races
Senator Richard Burr
Senator Thom Tillis
Senator Deb Fischer
Senator Jeff Sessions
Senator David Perdue
Senator Luther Strange
Senator Mitch McConnell
Senator Chuck Grassley
Senator Jon Kyl
Senator John Ashcroft
Senator Kit Bond
Senator Chuck Hagel
Senator Mike Johanns
Senator Jim Bunning
Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell
Senator Lincoln Chafee
Senator Trent Lott
NRSC-Senator John Thune
NRSC-Senator Lindsey Graham
NRSC-Senator John Cornyn
NRSC-Senator John Ensign
NRSC-Senator George Allen
NRSC-Senator Elizabeth Dole
NRSC-Senator Rick Santorum
NRSC-Senator Conrad Burns
National Republican Senatorial Committee
American Crossroads
McAuliffe’s ads create a sense of controversy, raising questions about his target’s character and judgment
Campaigns & Elections
Ouch, damm effective advertising
Washington Post
Smart campaign ads
Dr. Larry Sabato, UVA
A top Republican media strategist with a winning track record
CBS Radio
One of the nation's most prestigious political media firms
Arizona Republic
Jaw dropping ads
Washington Post
One of the GOP's best media minds
Campaigns & Elections
Ads that are both bare-knuckled and triumphal
Kansas City Star
The most heavy-handed political ads we've seen
Polished and folksy production values
Kansas City Star
A heavyweight media firm with a rich resume in national politics
Rocky Mountain News
McAuliffe's ads deliver a hard message without looking mean and negative
Campaigns & Elections
One of the year’s best political commercials
Time Magazine
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