Strategy is your plan of action and pathway to victory. It determines your message and defines for voters why you and why not your opponent.

Your media, both traditional and digital, must effectively execute your strategy and message.

We help clients navigate the political environment by utilizing their research, polling data, and personal assets to determine a precise strategic path to victory.

Doug McAuliffe has served as the chief strategist for numerous political and issue campaigns including 20 U.S. Senate and 7 governor campaigns.

We help you prepare your path to victory long before a single commercial is run.


Media: TV & Digital

The cacophony of political ads in any campaign demands your media cut through a cluttered environment.

Victory depends on your media delivering a compelling and motivating message that turns support into votes and action.

Working with our clients we provide that creative focus during every step of production and post-production.

Our expertise and hands on knowledge is found in all our creative services:

Creative: Story line development, copy-writing, story boards.

Production: From pre-pro to execution in the field, or in a studio, we creatively and professionally guide our clients through every step in the production process.

Directing: Direction is the art of capturing reality, creating the mythical, or communicating the emotional.  We are skilled in nurturing this process.

Editing: From traditional high production values story-telling to special effects and graphic motion, our editors do it all.

Audio: Sound design and texture are critical components of creative advertising for television, digital and radio.  We take it seriously.

Color: Whether making imagery richer, or more documentary, our correction is both artful and strategic.


PinPoint Media

Media Buying

Pinpoint Media is our media planning and buying partner.

They customized media buying plans based on polling data, target audience, market dynamics, big data and budget.

Our goal is simple, absolute cost effective placement and pricing with maximized exposure.

Market Research: We assess the lowest possible price point (LUR) for our clients based on their target goals.  The market is always dynamic, and we monitor it on a daily basis to achieve cost effectiveness and exposure.

Negotiate: We start at and fight to maintain LUR – lowest unit rate, while ensuring market exposure and budget integrity.

Customized Media Plan: Our plans focus on political targeting, audience market segmentation and budget requirements.  From traditional TV, to digital, social and online, we asses price points and timing segmentations to allocate media dollars to maximize exposure to a specific target audience.

Optimization: Optimization is performed continuously to assess message delivery to your audience and necessary revisions and opportunities.

Financial Integrity: An on-going commitment including post-election audit of media placement activity and reconciliation of all rebates and account balances.